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Visual AI for increasing engagement and conversions.

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Visual AI for Increasing Social Media Success

Joot’s cutting edge technology knows what engages your market audience, helping you create the right organic and paid content that your customers love.


What We Do

Joot Co. is an innovative data company that applies AI technology to all areas of social media to improve and optimize the user experience for small to medium sized businesses. Our social media analysis software is proven to significantly increase engagement by predicting which of your images will perform best for a given post. Joot Co.’s mission is to provide you with a smarter way to reach social media success through strategic social media engagement analysis. Joot Co.’s cutting edge AI technology knows what engages your audience, helping your business grow by leaps and bounds through increasing social media engagement and ad conversions. Joot Co. is not your traditional software company, and we look forward to showing you why.

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Build a Better Social Media Engagement Platform

If you’re a small to medium sized business without a social media engagement platform or strategy, you are missing a massive opportunity to increase traffic to your company. Joot Co. uses Joot Social Vision™ — a powerful social media Computer Vision technology that has shown effective across multiple use cases identifying what a defined market engages with and prefers to see. When you know what your market is looking for, you can better tailor your social media content to be more relevant. Our social media engagement strategies work on multiple levels to deliver you results.

Proven Social Media Engagement Analysis

There is no way to know whether your posts are having the desired impact without proven social media engagement analysis. At Joot Co., we use our proprietary technology to predict social media success, ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity to make an impact in the market. When you use our inventive social media engagement software, you can see results immediately.


Innovative Social Media Analysis Software

Joot Co. tests its AI on hundreds of thousands of social media posts to discover insights that only our advanced computer vision can learn from the data. The result is that Joot Co. is able to create simple, cost effective AI based software to share with other small businesses leading to more relevant social media posting, increased followers, and increased social engagement. Our software is cutting edge in this space and tool that every social media manager should be using to get the Joot Co. boost.

Experience the Cutting Edge of AI Technology

What engages your audience? Joot knows! As a cutting edge data company, we apply AI technology to all areas of social media to improve and optimize the user experience. Simply put, Joot increases engagement exponentially with our digitally and physically tested AI. Unlike most social software companies, Joot combines AI, machine learning, and statistical modeling to find out what works best for social media and, most importantly, the why. Give Joot a try and see what it can do to drive engagement with your business today.

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