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Joot’s AI helps you know exactly what images to use for ads, landing pages, and social posts.

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"Joot has played an essential role in our Facebook campaigns.  We consistently achieve a 20X ROI using the insights that Joot provides. " 

-Greg Petersen


"Joot has given us insights into our social media that we wouldn't have been able to have otherwise. We're giving our audience what they want, and the results show."  

-Amy Mauzy

VP of Sales & Marketing

"In such a competitive field, it's nice to have an advantage when it comes to knowing what content my followers will love " 

-Morgan Olsen


"As an Ecommerce Agency owner, we are constantly looking for tools that help us achieve the highest possible results for our clients and Joot is one of those tools." 

-Matson Tollman


Joot Co. is a leader in developing AI software tools that help businesses visually engage with customers in the social media driven era of ecommerce.  

Joot’s suite of software unlocks market insights, identifies engagement attributes, and ranks media to maximize conversion rates and drive social marketing success.

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Joot makes it possible to know which images will perform the best across your ecommerce and social platforms.  It does this by studying engagement behavior across millions of social posts then compares your images to what’s engaging and what’s not.

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Joot’s Image Ranking feature scores and ranks your images for you, so you don’t have to wonder which images you should use for ads, product pages, and social posts.  Our simple Green, Yellow, Red scoring system, along with putting images in rank order of engagement, gives you all the information you need to make winning image selections every time.

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